The world is a vampire

I spent this morning on my knees in my grief over the chants of “send her home” at the president’s rally last night. No sentiment could be further from the ideals of this country. I have no idea how we got here and I’m compelled to examine the ways I may have contributed to the current atmosphere.

Today a Christian author who had some significant impact for his views on dating announced that he and his wife are separating and headed toward divorce. Certain circles in the Twitter world greeted this news with some glee because they believe this author’s work caused some harm. The reaction to this news by those who profess Christ could not be further from what I believe as a Christian. My heart is broken over this rift, not only the rift in this couple’s relationship but also the apparent rift between Christ and his church.

As I was processing these things this morning, my sister sent me a text: “Just Incase you hear anything...I'm fine. There is an active shooter at the building next door and my office building is on lockdown.” She said there was nothing to worry about but, be honest, how do you not worry when there is an active shooter in the building that shares a parking lot with your sister’s office? My sister is fine. The shooter situation was resolved and she is safe.

Do you remember that Smashing Pumpkins song, “Bullet with Butterfly Wings”? I’ve had the first line “the world is a vampire, sent to drain” in my head all day. I think I’ve never felt more deeply that this world is not my permanent home, I’m looking forward to a home yet to come.