Making room: Thoughts on the First Sunday of Advent

I'm sitting in my living room thinking about where we'll set up the Christmas tree this year.  We could put it in a corner, the same place we set it up last year.  It was a fine location and required only a little bit of furniture moving to make it work.  Or there is a place up against a wall where we could fit a tree in to the existing set up.  It would require minimal work and zero furniture moving to put the tree there.  Or there is a third option.  This option would require totally reorganizing the furniture, moving the couch, probably relocating some things into a different room, a lot of effort.  Taking the time and effort to remove some things that are already in place would make a spot for the tree right in the center of some windows.  It would make the tree a real focus of our living room.  I think the result would be spectacular.

Today is the first Sunday of Advent.  Advent is a season of expectancy and preparation for the celebration of Jesus' birth.  It is also be a time of thinking about our sense of expectancy and preparation for the second coming of Jesus.  This is the time of year when we really focus on the Incarnation of Jesus, that He was Word-made-flesh.

How often, though, do I just try to fit Jesus  in to my existing set up?  Or maybe I just do a little bit of work and find a corner that's just fine.  How rarely do I totally reorganize my life, do a lot of relocating and cleaning in order to achieve a spectacular result!  It is easy for me to focus only on Christmas, on the cookies and the gifts and the parties, and completely leave out any time for thoughtfully preparing and expectancy.  

I don't want to just fit Jesus in to my life.  I want to allow for the work and the effort so that He can be spectacular in my life.