It's just me and you

Patrick at the park riding a silly sculpture.

Patrick at the park riding a silly sculpture.


Things are quieter around here this week.  The oldest child is gone to camp for the week.  She's the quiet one, true, but still we notice her absence. My daughter and I were cut from the same cloth.  We are both happiest with a book in our hands.  We would happily spend the whole day reading side by side (or even in adjoining rooms) and still feel like we've had nice quality time together.   She is quiet and introverted.  A real mini version of myself.

You, my son are not like that.  You are boisterous and rambunctious.  You love people and activity and talking.  You are happiest when you are surrounded by the people you love.  I see that you have felt the temporary absence of your sister most sincerely. 

So it is just us this week. And, really, it hasn't been just us very often lately.  So I guess I've lost sight of some things about you. You really do love people, you love to be surrounded by people, especially people you care about.  This morning I told you that I made a plan to pick up your friend for a play day and you lit up like it was Christmas morning.  You were so thrilled to get to spend the day with your friend and you immediately started making plans.  Your plans are so thoughtful too.  You think about the people you love and you care for them in ways that are individualized.  You are so good at showing love.

You are also so, so inquisitive.  You have 100 questions, sometimes more than I can bear to answer!  And your questions aren't silly, they are thoughtful and important.  I sometimes worry that I'm not answering well enough.  I want to give you good answers.  I want you to grow up to be kind and thoughtful.  I want you to see injustice and work to make things right.  I want to you love well and completely.  I want you to live life fully and freely.  I want you to reach for the big things while not despising the small things.  I want you to keep being you because you are so wonderful.  I never want you to think I think you are anything but wonderful.  I couldn't love you more.

Let's have more time when it's just me and you.