End of summer musings

I wonder all summer.  Are they watching too much tv? Are they reading enough? Why won't they entertain themselves? When will they ever get along.

Then we go to the beach and every worry melts away. They dig and run and laugh and play for hours. The kites go up and crash down. The hole gets deeper, they are digging to China. They run into the surf to wash the sand off only run back to our spot and exclaim at how much sand is caked back on!

We go to the mountain and they are full of questions. When did it erupt? Were you alive when it happened? Will it happen again? We hike and hike. See trees snapped like toothpicks. Discover lakes created by the eruption. They ask questions, soak up the sights. They are loud and wondering. They are quiet and contemplative. All this, right in our backyard.

I watch. I smile. I relish the moments. Stop worrying.  The kids are alright.